Based on my knowledge of Ethnoconseils TCM and on an interview on your general condition and health (including history), I can provide advice on lifestyle and define the most appropriate type of treatment for you.

AMMA liying down

Japanese massage (Shiatsu origin). Acupressure. Received dressed and lying comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere, provides an effect that is both stimulating and deeply relaxing. 3000 stimulations over 140 acupuncture points. Pressures, scans, percussions, stretching and rocking with thumbs, hands, forearms and body weight, compose a series of well-orchestrated and rhythmic movements called "kata".
.AMMA sitting

This massage, performed on the person dressed and sitting on a specially designed chair, acts on the head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and hips to both relieve tension and re-energize quickly (approx. 15 min.). A series of 23 movements (kata) are applied on specific acupuncture points. Upon request, this massage can be performed at the workplace during break periods.

This traditional Chinese massage works on the meridians and acupuncture points to awaken the body and soul. It harmonizes the flow of Qi (internal energy flowing through meridians) throughout the body for emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being. The session is very relaxing.

European massage (classical method). Stretching of the skin, kneading the muscles, drainage of toxins, activation of blood and lymphatic circulation. Ideal before or after physical exercise.

Massage Gua Sha (esthétique)

Facial massage gua sha coupled with cosmetic acupuncture, improves and unifies skin tone and reduces wrinkles. A very good alternative to cosmetic surgery and botox injections!

Rééquilibrage énergétique

The application of tuning forks vibrations on certain acupuncture points is used to harmonize the functioning of internal organs. The effect is soothing and invigorating.

First session and interview on the state of health of the person to orient the choice of treatment.

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