Tui Na massage

This traditional Chinese massage works on the meridians and acupuncture points to awaken the body and soul. It harmonizes the flow of Qi (internal energy flowing through meridians) throughout the body for emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical well -being.

According to Chinese medicine, disease in all its forms comes from imbalances or blockages in the flow of Qi. When Qi flows in a balanced way, you feel relaxed, full of confidence, energetic and enthusiastic. You are free of any stiffness, stress, tension or pain. You feel strong .

For this reason it is important before a session to find out about a person's history, his state of health and lifestyle and carefully identify where the Qi is unbalanced. Active communication and mutual listening between the massage therapist and the person being massaged are fundamental components of Chinese massage.

The person being massaged wears underwear and untreated body parts are covered to fully respect the person's privacy. Although the traditional Tui Na massage is practiced in China with clothes on, the variation I offer allows me to apply on the skin a little natural oil enriched with a few drops of essential oils. This creates a soothing and fragrant atmosphere that helps one to let go.

The massage lasts 45 minutes to cover the entire body or more than an hour for a totally relaxing session. It is possible to massage only a part of the body in 30 minutes.