Applications and benefits

My massages are based on the vision and basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are primarily prophylactic.


Therefore, they are aimed primarily for:

- Healthy people who want to remain healthy - Those who have healed and do not want to fall sick again

- Those who are not really sick in the medical sense but feel unwell or suffer from minor discomforts - People who need care and a little nudge to move forward

- People feeling tired or stressed, suffering from insomnia or intestinal disorders - Persons suffering from aches or wishing to prevent them before physical activity

My healing techniques aim at :

- energetically balance the body and mind

- release muscular and nervous tensions, eliminate blockages

- circulate the QI (energy), the blood, and the lymphatic system - prevent illnesses and strengthen the immune system

- quickly restore physical and mental well-being

- alleviate certain disorders (backaches, headaches, intestinal discomfort, muscle aches, general aches and pains, light mobility problems, other small aches and pains)

- help to move forward and reconnect with one's body to better achieve oneself.

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